Armenians prone to migration, says pollster


Reports by UNFPA suggest that Armenia’s population will decrease to 1,750,000 until the century’s end, a sociologist has said, citing a recent survey on the migration geography.
“Kotayk, an urbanized region that had dozens of plants which no longer operate, comes in the first with the number of potential migrants. For agricultural activity, the region is not favorable at all, so people chose migration as the only hope,” Aharon Adibekyan told a news conference on Thursday.
The pollster said he sees that 40% of the country’s population is inclined to leave the country forever, with only one in six families relying on the state’s support.
“Whenever I hear the prime minister say that it is necessary to assist small- and medium-sized businesses, I see that we are not able to do anything to restrain the exodus. To maintain a small- and medium-sized business, it is important to have a big one. So why doesn’t Nairit [the Yerevan rubber plant] work?” he said, calling for government efforts to restore the big manufacturing industries.


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