Heritage party has always felt free to voice opinion –Armen Martirosyan


In an interview with Tert.am, Heritage parliamentary group member Armen Martirosyan commented on Heritage party Secretary Styopa Safaryan’s statement that he cannot understand reverting to the law on funded pensions if the law was actually approved back in 2011. 

Q. Mr Martirosyan, Styopa Safaryan has stated that Armenia’s opposition is tending to resemble Armenia’s authorities by “reverting to the law on funded pensions two years after it was approved in 2011.” The Heritage party, as well as the three other political forces, put its signature to the complaint under the Constitutional Court’s consideration now. Was Mr Safaryan’s morally and ethically right?

A. Stepan Safaryan voiced his personal opinion. Two of the four political forces – the Armenian Revolutionary Federation Dashnaktsutyun (ARF-D) and Heritage – were against the law from the beginning.

One more fact – a worse social and economic situation – has been added to the ones we cited at that time.

Although the Armenian National Congress (ANC) party was not a parliamentary force then, they might have supported the Heritage party and ARF-D. Now that the Prosperous Armenia Party (PAP) is acting as an opposition force, a certain situation is developing. As to whether it is right to voice such an opinion now that the four parliamentary forces are expecting the Constitutional Court to issue its ruling, I can say it is not a matter of right or wrong. Mr Safaryan has voiced his opinion, and the parliamentary forces are cooperating. I should note the Heritage party has always had its opinion and voiced it freely.


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