Armenia’s CU accession implies no switchover to Russian school model – minister

Armenia, which adopted the 12-year system in secondary education, is not expected to switch over to the Russian school model which is 11 years, says the minister of education and science.
Armen Ashotyan made the remark in an interview with when was asked to comment on the Eurasian integration’s possible impact on Armenia’s secondary education system.
“Armenia switched over to the 12-year education in 2005. We have passed quite a long way and are very close to accomplishing the system, so we will not consider any change in the length of comprehensive education appropriate,” he said.
The minister added that the Armenian and Russian secondary school models are mutually recognizable and not expected to create any difficulties for school graduates deciding to further their education in one of the two countries.
Asked whether the membership in the Eurasian Customs Union will necessitate education reforms, the minister replied that the common economic area implies a free movement of the human capital, a process which he said would be unfeasible without corresponding legal solutions in the education sector.
As for the Bologna Process, Ashotyan said noted Armenia and Russia are member states of the Bologna Declaration, which makes them part of the European Higher Education Area in addition to the commitments under the CIS education treaties.
“The European experience is very important for us, because Armenia is a not only a member of the European Higher Education Area, but also a secretary state coordinating the reforms across Europe. So that experience is important and effective,” said the minister, adding that such an experience may also be useful for additional education programs and common projects among the CU member states.


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